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The Truth About Student Life and Student Storage

June 4, 2019
student storage

The time has come, the summer is over and you’re finally off to uni! Which means one thing: freedom! Time to escape parents and live with your friends. You’re free to party every night until the early hours, with no-one to nag you about eating fast food the following morning. Sounds great! Well, it is for a while, until you’re suddenly hit with the realisation that you have to do all of your own cooking, cleaning, bill-paying and generally adulting.

For most students, it starts off with plenty of optimism and an all singing all dancing cleaning rota that you’ve set up with your flatmates. Whilst your intentions are admirable, it is a well-known fact that your rota will soon become a distant memory. It is far more likely that you will have become accustomed to the architectural genius of your flatmates as the artistic structure of dirty pots and pans surrounding your sink becomes more and more intricate each day.

Despite the lack of regular cleaning, most student flats end up looking charming and comfortable with the ornamental addition of fairy lights, rugs, throw pillows and other assorted accessories. These creature comforts splash a bit of personality around the place and makes it feel like it’s truly your own. The only downside of this is the accumulation of stuff that then has to be removed when the lease is up. Unfortunately, a lot of student leases are for one year only and often are not renewed. In other words, everything needs to be packed up and transported back to the parents’ house in the summer. Great.

On top of home accessories, there’s also the small problem of your mountain of clothes you’ve acquired throughout the year, not to mention all your university books, your notes and other miscellaneous items like bicycles or guitars. For those who are lucky enough to have a car, it is doubtful you’ll squeeze it all in on one trip. For those with no car… do you dare to ask your parents to pick you up with all your stuff? Or worse – public transport?

No need to panic. That’s where we come in. At GVM Facilities, we provide a comprehensive student service where our experienced team will remove all your belongings from your student flat and transport it home for you. We offer very affordable prices tailored to students as well as different packages to suit each person.


Alternatively, if you feel you can’t fit all your newly acquired contents simply won’t fit in your bedroom back at the family home, you can opt for student storage with us instead. By choosing this option we can still collect your belongings but instead will store them at our super secure storage units over the summer or for as long as you need. When the time comes for you to move back in to your student digs, you can arrange to have our team transport your belongings from the storage unit to your new place. Get in touch now to learn more about our special student offers.

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